Thursday, August 18, 2011

Safari companies protect key bird breeding sites

Two of the largest 'heronries' (or 'storkeries' or 'darteries' or 'cormoranteries', whichever you prefer!) in the Okavango Delta are in private concessions, and have been flourishing and attracting ever more breeding birds in recent years.
A pair of Marabou Storks, in nuptial finery, make a plan on their nest.

Lediba la Dinonyane (lagoon of the birds) is the largest and supports a great diversity of waterbird species. It is near Kanana Camp, run by Ker and Downey Safaris, and guides visiting the site always take care not to disturb the birds by approaching them too closely.
The same applies at the heronry at JereJere Lagoon, where there has been an influx of birds due to suitable conditions prevailing here. This heronry is near Xugana Lodge run by Desert and Delta Safaris, and this company is the custodian for this site.

The traditionally spectacular heronries in Moremi Game Reserve, at Xakanaxa and Gadikwe have been diminishing over the past few years, and most of the birds seem to have moved to Lediba la Dinonyane and JereJere. These two sites are well worth a visit as they offer the best of Botswana birding.

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